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Bamboo fiber for men's underwear
- Aug 21, 2018 -

Bamboo fiber is the fifth largest natural fiber extracted from naturally grown bamboo, especially for the household clothes, cotton, hemp, wool and silk. Bamboo fibrils have good gas permeability, instant water absorption, strong abrasion resistance and good dyeability, and have natural antibacterial, antibacterial, antimony, deodorant and anti-ultraviolet functions.

Use : 1. Bamboo is used for clothing fabrics, men's underwear.men's undershirt, mats, bed sheets, curtains, scarves, etc. If it is blended with vinylon, it can produce light and thin fabrics.

2, blended with cotton, spandex, wool, hemp, enamel and chemical fiber, used for weaving or knitting, Men's knitted underwear, producing woven fabrics and knitted fabrics of various specifications. Woven fabrics can be used to make curtains, jackets, casual wear, suits, shirts, sheets and towels, bath towels, and more. Knitted fabrics are suitable for making underwear, sweatshirts, T-shirts, socks, etc.

3. Bamboo fiber is more suitable for underwear, men's boxer, men's boxer brief, slip, men's trunk, most of the customer choose bamboo for underwear and undershirt. It is more comfortable and softness.

bamboo nature fiber for underwear.png