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Banboo men's underwear
- Jun 11, 2018 -

1. With strong antibacterial properties: Bacteria on bamboo fiber products are  killed more than 90% after 24 hours, bamboo fiber men's underwear can play a  very good antibacterial, antibacterial and anti-odor effect, can prevent skin Itching and other symptoms effectively.

2. Good ventilation and moisture absorption: The cross-section of Bamboo fiber covered with large and small oval-shaped pores, it can absorb and evaporate a lot of water instantly, water absorption is three times than  cotton, so bamboo fiber underwear can play a rapid role for absorbing sweat and moisture, and formed a  refreshing and breathable hygiene environment. In this environment, harmful bacteria lose their living  conditions.

3. The texture are smooth and  soft: the fineness of bamboo is fine, this fiber structure can provide a softer fabric for men's underwear, but also has a unique resilience, which  makes bamboo fiber underwear feel more comfortable when wearing and reduce the irritation of the skin.

4. Reducing static electricity: bamboo fiber underwear is not easy to  produce static electricity, you can keep the skin away from static problems during the winter.

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