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Boxer Incident Influence
- Apr 17, 2018 -

The old-fashioned die-hards were cleared

Folding ruling prestige decline

Go to suppress the Boxer Japan Marine Corps.

In the eyes of the Chinese official class, the Qing government was powerless for the coalition forces in the event, and its prestige in authority fell sharply. The governors of the southeastern provinces arbitrarily ordered their actions in the incident and won awards afterwards. The governors everywhere began to have political intentions that were not controlled by the central government. The situation of unified centralization began to disintegrate. Ten years later, the anti-government activities of the Southern Revolutionary Party radicalized and united the province's new army. In 1911, Wuchang broke out the Revolution of 1911. The southern provinces directly defy the Qing government to declare independence or wait and see. Eventually Yuan Shikai invaded the Qing emperor's abdication and the Republic of China was able to build it. The separatist situation caused by the rise in local political power has led to a warring situation in the warlords in the Republic of China.