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How to washing men's underwear
- Jan 08, 2019 -
  •  To make sure that any underwear stays in good condition, follow the specific wash/care instructions indicated on the label.

  • Underwear must be separated from other clothes washing because there are a lot of bacteria on the underwear.

  • Always try to hand wash underwear, because the washing machine not only washes not clean, but also lead to the spread of germs, and the hand wash can increase the intensity of friction, conducive to local cleaning.

  • If you machine wash them, protect them in a cloth or mesh bag.

  • The ideal wash temperature 30ºC.

  • Use neutral detergent.

  •  If your underwear is high quality, dry them in the sunshine, because the sunshine ultraviolet can sterilization and disinfection, keep underwear health, it is better for your health ,also it’s high quality underwear, you don’t need worry the sun fades colours, turning fibres yellow and causing them to lose elasticity.

  • Avoid drying them in the tumble dryer as the heat will damage the fibres.

  •   Never iron underwear.

  • Last, form a good habit, frequently change and wash underwear.

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