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Lingerie supplier principles
- Apr 17, 2018 -

in principle:

First, only high-quality import and export of the original single underwear, pajamas, home service, well-known brands, goods are the original single, with a complete trademark, independent packaging, some of the tag cut. Factory cooperation, hand source.

Second, keep up with the international trend of design and quality, not to fight price war shoddy. International big design and material, strict and standardized production quality.

Third, all product pictures are 100% in-kind shooting, WYSIWYG. (Cannot be excluded due to display reasons

Color difference

Fourth, weekly new, new goods every day, bring unlimited popularity for your store.

Our range

The factory cooperates with the source of goods, welcomes the long-term cooperation of entity network wholesale customers all over the country, and hopes to cooperate with overseas garment manufacturers. Jointly develop overseas markets!