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Modal men's underwear
- Jan 04, 2019 -

Modal men's underwear features

1. Modal fineness is 1dtex, while cotton fiber has a fineness of 1.5'2.5tex and silk fineness of 1.3dtex.

2. Modal men's underwear is soft, smooth, bright color, the fabric feels particularly smooth, the fabric surface is bright and lustrous, the drape is better than the existing cotton, polyester, cotton, silky luster and feel, is a natural Mercerized fabric.

3. Modal has the strength and toughness of synthetic fiber, dry strength 35.6cn, wet strength is 25.6cn. Stronger than pure cotton, polyester cotton.

4. Modal moisture absorption capacity is 50% higher than cotton fiber, which makes Modal fiber fabric can be kept dry and breathable. It is an ideal close-fitting fabric and health care products, which is beneficial to the physiological cycle and health of the human body.

5. Compared with cotton, Modal has good shape and dimensional stability, which makes the fabric have natural wrinkle resistance and non-ironing property, which makes dressing more convenient and natural.

6. Modal has good dyeing performance and remains bright and new after repeated washing, and it has good moisture absorption and good color fastness. Compared with pure cotton, it is more comfortable to wear, not fade, and yellowish. Therefore, the fabric is bright in color and the fabric is stable in taking performance. After 25 washings with the cotton fabric, the hand feels harder and harder. The Modal fiber fabric is just the opposite. The more it washes, the softer it is, and the more it washes, the brighter it is.

modal men's underwear modal men's underwear