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The development of underwear
- Apr 17, 2018 -

Braies appeared. Braies is a Saxon language, pocket-like baggy pants, length and knees, made of linen, a rope around the waist can be tight, from the king to the farmer wear it. During the Renaissance period, the underpants became shorter and the front door was opened so that the men would not have to take off their underpants when they urinate. Crimped plackets are either nailed or pulled tight with ropes, making them a prototype for modern men's trousers.

At that time, the man did not wear outer pants, and tight stockings were placed over the underpants and fixed with garters, so Henry VIII thickened the panties of the underpants. Historians speculate that he may have a bandage dipped in medicine in his crotch to ease the pain caused by syphilis. Many men use the underwear lining as a convenience pocket and have medicines and money for sexually transmitted diseases.