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The great Boxer anti-aggression war has prevented China from being divided up
- Apr 17, 2018 -

The demonization of righteousness and patriotism formed the modern traitor culture. Although there have been many traitors in Chinese history, traitor culture has never been formed. The Chinese traitor culture began with the demonization of righteousness and righteousness. Including the traitor Wang Jingwei is the victim of this demonization. 

Wang Jingwei was influenced by the evil historical concept of demonizing righteousness and chanting southeastern mutual guarantees. He chose the same road as Li Hongzhang’s southeastern mutual guarantee, and implemented the curve to save the country and surrendered to the Japanese. If the Communist Party did not lead the victory in the War of Resistance, Wang Jingwei must be the hero of the great nationality of today’s China’s intellectually refined songs, just as today’s song of southeastern mutual protection is “rational patriotism”. Southeast Mutual Security has become a typical model of “rational patriotism” and is the best interpretation of “rational patriotism”. The so-called "rational patriotism" is just like this.

However, realistically speaking, the culture of traitors during the late Qing and the Republic of China was just a clue, not to mention the true culture. The true culture of traitors was formed on the basis of the transformation of the extreme demonization of righteousness and deportment. The extreme demonization of the Yihetuan was because the Communist Party was the ruling party. They did not dare to extremely demonize the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the War of Resistance to US Aggression and Aid Korea. Therefore, they cast all their infamous hatred against the Chinese imperialists against the Western imperialism to the Boxer.