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The historical role of the Boxer Movement
- Apr 17, 2018 -

The Boxer Rebellion directly attacked the imperialist forces of aggression. The Qing government was paralyzed by imperialism. It had repeatedly ordered "cutting off for speed, ... searching for strength", "conscientiously suppressing pressure, and deterring trouble"2. Take Jing Place "1. However, the suppression of the Qing army’s use of force could not shake the determination of the Yihetuan anti-imperialist struggle. Some bureaucrats believe that if they blindly “give up and suppress people,” they are bound to “change their lives and take risks”2, and advocate “turning private clubs into public actions, changing boxing and fighting into militias,” and “listening to their self-defence and defensive aspirations.”3 Seeking peace and tranquility. The Qing government’s policy of changing “defamation” to “treat” and being forced to recognize the Yihetuan as a legal group gave the Yihetuan favorable conditions for public activities, resulting in an increasingly powerful and more powerful blow to the fierce flames of the missionaries and evangelists. .