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The world's most expensive collection of 3 underwear
- Aug 10, 2018 -
  1. German dictator Hitler's mistress Eva Braun, a 70-year-old silk panty, is valued at 450 pounds (HK$4,260). "Sing Tao Daily" reported that this underwear brief was embroidered with Eva's initials, showing her belongings. This was discovered by a US military in a abandoned bunker at a hotel in the Bavarian state of Hitler.

Eva panty.jpg

2. A pair of underwear lost by Queen Elizabeth II for more than 40 years was auctioned online, and the current asking price has exceeded 3,000 pounds (about 30,414 yuan). According to the report, the silk panties are embroidered with a capital letter E, meaning Elizabeth, as well as a crown pattern and four pearl-like buttons. The sides of the panties are embroidered with floral patterns and lace at the corners. The waistband of the underpants is 26 inches (about 2 feet) and 16 inches long (about 1.2 feet).

Singer underwear (2).jpg

3. According to the BBC’s August 27th news, a pair of underwear of the late American singer Elvis Presley will be auctioned at an auction in Manchester, England next month. It is expected to be 10,000 pounds (about 97,000 yuan).

Singer underwear (1).jpg