Comfortable Bamboo Men's Boxer Briefs

Comfortable Bamboo Men's Boxer Briefs is good to your body, with properties like anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, hypoallergenic, thermo-regulating (keeps you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter), static-free, wrinkle-free, odorless, very durable. Also Comfortable Bamboo Men's Boxer Briefs have eco-benefits to the planet, like no fertilizers or pesticides required, extremely fast growing plant, can be continually re-harvested without harm to the environment, bamboo fabric is biodegradable at the end of its useful life

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Comfortable Bamboo Men's Boxer Briefs

Comfortable Bamboo Men's Boxer Briefs

Comfortable Bamboo Men's Boxer Briefs

Zhongshan CLALER Garments Co ., Ltd - Men's Underwear Boxer Brief Factory OEM from Guangzhou, China

ManufacturerZhongshan CLALER Garments Co ., Ltd
Establishedin 2009
ServiceOEM/ODM, Design Buyer's label, waistband, printing and style 
StyleMen brief, boxer, boxer briefs, trunk, underpants, undershirt
CertificateBSCI, SGS, BV
Fabric ContentPima cotton, Organic cotton, Combed cotton, Bamboo , Micro fiber, Lenzing Modal, Tencel, Tactel, Ice silk, Polyester, Nylon (Polymide), T/C, CVC, Viscose (Rayon), etc.
Fabric Weight 180 gsm, or 140-190 gsm as per customer's requirement 
ColorAccept Pantone Color and Bros Color/ Solid Fabric, Melange fabric, Yarn-dyed fabric
PrintingReactive print, Water print, Rubber print, Heat transfer print, Flock print, etc.
WaistbandPolyester elastic, Nylon elastic, Jaquard elastic, Woven elastic, Covered elastic, etc.
Size M , S , L , XL ,XXL or customize 
MOQ1000-3000 pcs
Samples Available 
Package Cardboard, PVC, PE, PP, OPP, PET, etc.



Fabric Knowledge: What is original fabric?

The original fabric is a fabric that has not been dyed and processed after being woven, and has not been subjected to pre-treatment, dyeing/printing, and finishing. Industrial original fabric are referred to fabrics, or laminated fabrics, and the like.

To distinguish between original fabric, it is necessary to distinguish between several concepts:

Rayon fabric: It is the cloth that comes down from the looms without dyeing or other finishing or processing. The premise is Rayon, so of course it is pure viscose instead of blended.

Yarn-dyed fabric: After the yarn is dyed, the fabric woven with these colored yarns according to a certain pattern design is a yarn-dyed fabric. Dyeing yarn - weaving - finishing. The characteristic is that the color fastness is better. Rich in flowers.

Dyed fabric: After the yarn that has not been dyed is woven into a original fabric, it is dyed cloth after dyeing and finishing. The cost of similar products is lower than that of yarn-dyed fabrics. However, the color fastness is not as good as the yarn-dyed fabric.

Men's Bamboo Boxer Briefs - exhibition

According to whether the raw materials are dyed or not, the original fabric can be divided into: a white fabric, a original fabric obtained by processing the raw material without bleaching and dying; a yarn-dyed fabric, and a raw fabric obtained by processing the dyed raw material or the fancy thread.

According to the raw material of the yarn, the original fabric can be divided into: a pure fabric, and the raw materials constituting the fabric are all made of the same kind of fabric; the blended fabric, a fabric made by blending two or more kinds of fibers into a yarn. The woven fabric is mixed, and the single yarns of the two fibers are combined to form a fabric made of strands; the fabrics are woven, and the raw materials of the two-direction system constituting the fabric are respectively made of different fiber yarns.

There are many kinds of original fabrics. Generally, the original fabrics can be divided into: woven fabrics, which are arranged by arranging yarns perpendicularly to each other, and woven on a loom according to a certain rule; the knitted fabric is formed by knitting the yarn into a loop. The fabric is divided into weft knitting and warp knitting; the non-woven fabric is obtained by bonding or stitching loose fibers.

Bleached original fabric: It is a bleached or a dyed. This is classified according to the different post-treatments that the customer has to do. 

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