Melange Men's Boxers

Melange men's boxers
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Melange Men's Boxers


Product Name

Melange men's boxers



Product Type

Men’s boxers



Fabric Type







3000 pieces for each color/style

Melange Yarn

(1) From the processing method, the dyeing yarn is the color required to dye the true color yarn on the dyeing machine in the form of bobbin or skein; the melange yarn is used to dye part of the fibers into black color firstly, and then the dyed fiber is blended with the natural fiber in a certain ratio.

(2) From the aspect of the appearance color, the color depth of the melange yarn will change with the different blending ratio. In both extreme cases, the melange yarn is spun when the ratio of the dyed fiber to the natural fiber is 100:0, and when the ratio of the dyed fiber to the natural fiber is 0:100, the natural yarn is spun. From here, it can be seen that the character of melange yarn color is between the natural yarn and the dyeing yarn. In addition, compared with dyed or dyed fabrics, woven fabrics made of grey-gray yarns have unique characteristics: colors are diverse and looming; fabrics are soft in color and natural in style.

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One customer form Cambodia is looking for smooth feeling fabric with special chemical treatment, but is harms the fabric strength, and price of the special fabric is lower. We supplied the fabric as his requirement but with higher quality and more competitive price.

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