Modal Printing Men's Boxers

Modal printing men's boxers. Modal is mainly used to make underwear, it's soft, smooth, bright color, and has the strength and toughness of synthetic fiber, more and more of our customers choose this fabric, and all of our modal fabric with high quality and super soft, will make you feel more comfortable.

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Modal printing men's boxers

modal men's boxers modal men's boxers

modal men's boxers materials

Modal is a kind of cellulose fiber, which belongs to cellulose fiber like rayon and is pure rayon fiber, it's mainly used to make underwear. Our this kind of modal printing men's boxers is made from modal/lycra blended fabric.

Here are some advantages of modal, Modal printing men's boxers

1. The raw material of Modal comes from natural wood and can be naturally degraded after use.

2. Modal fineness is 1dtex, while cotton has a fineness of 1.5-2.5tex and silk fineness of 1.3dtex.

3. Modal is soft, smooth, bright color, fabric feels particularly smooth, the fabric is shiny and bright, the drape is better than the existing cotton, polyester, cotton, silky luster and feel, is a natural Mercerized fabric.

4. Modal has the strength and toughness of synthetic, dry strength 3.56cn/tex, wet strength is 2.56cn/tex, the strength is higher than pure cotton and polyester cotton, which reduces the breakage in processing.

5. Modal moisture absorption capacity is 50% higher than cotton, which makes Modal fabric can be kept dry and breathable. It is an ideal close-fitting fabric and health care products, which is beneficial to the physiological cycle and health of the human body.

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modal men's boxers  modal men's boxers

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Production process


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