Yarn Dyed Men's Boxers

Yarn dyed men's boxers
We supply men’s and women’s underwear,yarn dyed men's boxers, undershirt and other garments in Zhongshan. Our products are popular with a great number of customers at home and abroad for their fashionable styles, comfortable fabric, and exquisite technology.Pls feel free to contact with us for more details and we are looking forward to cooperating with all friends to create a brighter future!

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Yarn Dyed Men's Boxers

Product specifications

Product Name

Yarn dyed men's boxers



Product Type

Men’s boxers



Fabric Type







4000 pieces for each color/style


Yarn dyed fabric

Yarn-dyed is the use of pre-dyed yarn instead of woven into white cloth and then printed.
Fabrics are the materials used to make yarn dyed men's boxers and other garment. As one of the three elements of clothing, fabrics can not only interpret the style and characteristics of clothing, but also directly affect the color and shape of clothing.
Yarn-dyed fabrics are often used as shirting fabrics, light-weight textured yarn-dyed fabrics, comfortable and breathable, and are particularly suitable for single wear. They are equipped with men's boxers and men's undershirts that are indispensable in modern life.


The kinds of yarn dyed fabric

1: According to the different raw materials can be divided into yarn-dyed cotton cloth, yarn-dyed polyester-cotton cloth, yarn-dyed long-imitation wool tweed, full wool tweed, wool poly tweed, wool, polyester and viscose triple tweed, bamboo gauze, gauze cloth, etc. There are many dyed fabrics made of silk and hemp.
2: According to the method of weaving, we can divide it into plain weaving, weaving poplin, dyed tweed, Oxford cloth, youth cloth, denim, khaki, twill weave, herringbone, gabardine, satin, small jacquard, Large jacquard cloth and so on.
3: According to the different process characteristics of the front and back lanes, we can also divide the color weft cloths (Oxford cloth, youth cloth, denim cloth, labor cloth, etc.) by the color weft cloths (beddings, plaids, linens, Gehua Tweed, etc.) There is also a variety of yarn-dyed flannel fabrics formed by the lapping, nap, sanding, and puckering of the subsequent process.

The advantages of Yarn Dyed Men's Boxers

1.Using the different colors of yarns and form a variety of beautiful  flower patterns, with a three-dimensional than the general printing  cloth.
2.Due to the dyeing of the original yarn, the dye permeability is strong, so the color fastness is better.
3.Weaving  uses multiple shuttles and dobby machine weaving. It can interweave  different fibers or yarns into a variety of colors and patterns.


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Q1:What kind of logo you can do for waistband ?

A:Printing logo,jacquard logo,rubber logo,etc.


Q2:Can you produce the OEM package? And what is your package for men's boxers ?

A:Yes,we can make the same package as customer design,most of our package like plastic bag,paper boxes,plastic boxes,hanger with cardboard,etc.

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