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How To Choose Male Underwear
- Jun 11, 2018 -

Choose loose underwear

Choose underpants must be tight and moderate, before choosing underwear must be clear size issues, such as the actual waist circumference is how much? Buy pants are generally what size to buy? General choice is better. Do not choose too tight or airtight underwear, so as not to cause excessive friction between the penis and thighs and pants, causing contact skin allergies.

Keeping underwear dry

For males with heavy body and sweat, they should wear good underwear with sweat-sweat and pay attention to keeping the underwear dry.

Try to choose natural colors

Many men love black and dark blue, but also men like to wear bright colors and complex patterns of underwear. From a health point of view, natural colors such as gray and milky white should be preferred when choosing underwear color. But if you want to choose other colors, you must choose professional underwear brand, quality and safety guarantee.

Pay attention to cleanliness

It is best to use hot water before the new underwear is worn. It is best to wash by hand. Do not use excessive force. Do not add bleach or disinfectants. It is best to use a neutral laundry detergent. If you use a washing machine, it is best to put it into the laundry bag, and avoid the same wash with socks, underwear, drying underwear, it is best to make full contact with the sun.

Choose a pair of underwear, then on different occasions, time period, how to wear underwear is the healthiest? In general, office workers often wear suit pants, then the fit of the four-angle underwear is the right choice, because the general briefs, will make you hips that two traces of briefs, easy to show.

Usually men who prefer to stay in their homes on a rest day may wish to consider wearing a loose Aloof, so that the baby who is normally pressed in the pants is free to relax; this is healthy!

When you exercise, you can choose to buy breathable sports shorts, because it can wear the thighs, sulcus and sex organs between each other to minimize friction. When sleeping, being able to sleep naked or get used to sleeping naked is the best option, but if you are living a group or not used to sleeping naked, the four-cornered underpants or flat-bottomed pants would be ideal. The sporty interior has a mesh-like design. Shorts are also a good consideration.