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Sports Underwear
- May 02, 2018 -

Pregnant women's underwear is mainly worn during pregnancy, pregnant women's special underwear is designed according to different month belly type, easy to mothers ready to underwear under the changes in abdominal circumference, most of the winter underwear and home service have adjustment function design, very convenient, The length of the pants is often lengthened, and the high waist design can wrap the entire abdomen, which can strengthen the support and warmth of the fetus and protect the back and back of the pregnant woman.


Most of the sports underwear style triangles are based on small briefs. The position of the trousers is not trapped in the thighs, but is slightly raised toward the ankle. This design allows people not to hurt the thigh during exercise. It also maintains a slight distance between the waist and the crotch, which increases the lateral tension, keeps the trousers “fixed” without much displacement, and is more suitable for sports wear. Sports briefs have different widths and widths to choose from. The thicker thighs can choose a style that is closer to the waist than the waist. The smaller thighs are more suited to the mouth than the waist. Underpants With the development of the times, underpants are gradually changing from the “skin and shorts vests” that were previously used to expressing their individuality, displaying the beauty of the human body, and having a unique design. Fabrics, styles, and functions are constantly improving.