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The Material Of Underwear
- May 02, 2018 -

1. Mercerized cotton: Mercerized cotton is 100% cotton, mercerized singeing process, the product is colorful, beautiful appearance, high finish; comfortable to wear, free of pressure and moisture, and not wear Fluffing, soft and smooth, with a silky feel; plus a new style design, but also has a strong sense of modernity, good elasticity of clothing, can fully reflect the human body beauty.


2. Colored cotton: As a high-tech green eco-friendly clothing material, natural colored cotton has attracted people's attention in recent years. Colored cotton is a kind of raw cotton fiber, with the characteristics of soft color, simple and elegant, soft texture, and no chemical and harmful substances. In the entire process, without any chemical treatment, it maintains its natural purity. Therefore, the characteristics of colored cotton clothing are green, environmental protection, natural, and healthy.


3, modal fiber: There are several brands of thermal underwear this year that use modal fibers as ingredients. It is understood that modal is the high wet modulus cellulose fiber developed by the Austrian Lancôme Company. The raw materials are European beech wood. Wood pulp was made and then spun into fibers. Because the raw materials of this product are all natural materials, it is 100% natural fiber, which is harmless to the human body and can be naturally decomposed and harmless to the environment.