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The Most Used Chemicals In The Printing And Dyeing Industry: Salt!
- May 09, 2018 -

The use of Yuan Mingfen and salt in printing and dyeing.

1. Accelerant:
Yuan Mingfen and salt can be used as direct dyes, sulfur dyes, vat dyes, reactive dyes, soluble vat dyes and other dyes when dyeing cellulose fibers. When there are more residual dyes in dyeing liquor, Yuan Mingfen or salt can be added as an electrolyte, which can reduce the solubility and ionization concentration of the dye in water and promote the combination of dye and fiber, so as to achieve the effect of promoting dyeing.

When dyeing dark colors, it is also necessary to reasonably select the amount of Sang Ming or salt according to different types of dyes, so as to avoid the formation of stains due to the aggregation of the dyes caused by adding too much or too fast.

2, retarder:
Yuan Mingfen and salt can also be used as a slow dyeing agent for acid dyes and cationic dyes. It can achieve level dyeing requirements by reducing the speed of fiber absorption of dyes.

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