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The Pouch Men's Underwear
- Jun 05, 2018 -

In  the history of men's underwear, the appearance of the pouch underwear  can be said to be a symbolic leap. It is designed by the  characteristics of the man's physiological structure, which not only  guarantee the breathability and ventilation, but also balance comfort,  it can avoid the friction and squeezing of the scrotum and thighs while keeping the scrotum ventilated and breathable.

The pouch  underwear is a U-shaped portion in front of trouser body, including a  penis placement portion and a scrotum placement portion. The  penis placement section is located above the scrotum placement section,  and the scrotum is placed separately from the penis and each has its  own place. This can reduce the squeezing force of the male genitalia and  isolate the penis from the scrotum and limbs to maintain the desired  temperature and avoid the effects of mutual adhesion and temperature increase on male genitalia. The  U-shaped portion is provided with a breathable opening and is disposed  on the penis placement portion, so that it is breathable and improves  the extension space of the male genitalia. The  design of the U-shaped part can lift the scrotum upwards to avoid damage  or skin redness and swelling caused by long-term sharpening of the  scrotum on the medial side of the scrotum.

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