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- May 02, 2018 -

Underwear in the Han Dynasty was known as the “heart coat”. In the second Jin Dynasty, it was called “the two temples”. In the Tang Dynasty, it was called “the inner and middle garments.” In the Song Dynasty, it was called the “bracket.” In the Ming Dynasty, it was called “the main waist.” In the Qing Dynasty, it was called "belly".


Modern feminine undergarments include bras that shield and protect the breasts and underpants that protect the lower body; males refer to briefs. In addition to being close to the body, modern underwear gradually develops into multifunctional underwear. In addition to protecting the body, it also has the function of correction. Thermal underwear is a modern vocabulary that is relatively warmer than regular underwear, and ordinary underwear should be thin and light. Underwear requires a soft, moisture-absorbent fabric with good elasticity. The lightweight fabric has good drapability, a strong sense of flowing, comfortable wear, fit-to-fit, and a sense of inflexibility, and can fully express the body curve. The traditional underwear market has been subdivided into decorative underwear, make-up underwear, health underwear, couple underwear and red-based clothing for the year. Wearing underwear, fashion, personalization, gentrification has become the new theme of the underwear market.