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Underwear Manufacturer
- May 02, 2018 -

Spartan is the first brand to incubate Station F, the largest incubator park in the world. It specializes in providing radiation protection underwear for men. The product design is completed by the Paris studio.


Spartan's flagship product is the Spartan boxer-briefs, which is said to be the world's first radiation protection underwear that specifically protects men's health and fertility. This special underwear is made of a high-tech fabric that combines pure silver fibers with a cotton fabric to form an electromagnetic shield.

Allegedly, this underwear can shield more than 99.9% of mobile phones and wifi radiation. In addition to radiation protection, the company also stated that the pure silver fibers contained in the fabric prevent bacteria from multiplying. At the moment, the underpants are available in black and blue, and are priced at €42, which can be purchased on the Spartan website.


Spartan will use the funds to form a team, add a New York office, and expand the category (mainly color and product innovation).