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Underwear Preservation And Maintenance
- May 02, 2018 -

1. Underwear is the closest thing to your body. First you have to pay attention to cleanliness. Dirt not only means that it is not clean, but also affects the ventilation, moisture absorption, and softness of the fabric, causing damage to the fabric.


2. At the time of purchase, if you like to buy more underwear, you are advised to buy brand underwear. In this way, the life span of each underwear can be longer. Premium or high-priced products are sometimes aesthetically pleasing and not necessarily durable, and careful care can preserve their advantages.


3. The material of the underwear is mostly soft and thin, and it should not be over-stretched when wearing or taking off. When wearing underwear, be careful not to put foundation or lipstick on underwear.


4. When storing your favorite underwear for a long period of time, you can fold them one by one, or fold the cups and cups together, as long as you do not damage the original breast shape. The thickest lining is placed on the top and folded down in order to prevent the thick-lined underwear from deforming due to heavy pressure. The thin-lining underwear is free of deformation concerns.


5. When placing underwear, it is recommended to store it separately from other clothing, and do not forget to put desiccant or some desiccant. In addition, to tell you a small recipe: a few drops of perfume on a small piece of cloth, or will use the remaining perfume bottle into the cabinet, one can deworming, and second, can make clothes full of light perfume.


6. Tips to prevent deformation of underwear: In order to maintain a beautiful shape of the delicate bra, try not to use the washing machine to wash. To wash with cold water and mild detergents, wash it by hand.