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Why The Price Of Chinese Underwear Will Rise Aways
- Jun 06, 2018 -

As we all know, this year, the price of dyes has been continuously doubling for garments. Include underwear and undershirt. This has led to the high cost of dyeing factories. The price of dyes has been adjusted again and again, and there has been a rare phenomenon of "four consecutive rises" and "five consecutive rises."

Originally thought that after the “Jin San Yin Si” small busy season passed, the gradually declining grey cloth market would cool the printing and dyeing market. Who knows that in June, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other large printing and dyeing provinces have successively Again skyrocketing!

underwear fabric.jpg

For this price increase and limited production stoppage, the delivery issue was again put on the table. It is understood that at present, the dyeing plant has begun to appear slow shipments, especially in Zhejiang Province, the delivery period is infinitely longer.

Due to the environmental protection improvement, the printing and dyeing production capacity in all parts of the country has been affected, and the delivery time of the dyeing factories has also been extended to different degrees. Currently, the delivery time of conventional water-jet product fabrics is about 15 days, and some of the fabrics are delivered more than 30 days. !